4th July 2016

Beatrix Potter Loved the Lake District

The following day Stan, Serena and Trudy left for Manchester and Ross and I headed home. Not before I forced a Beatrix Potter morning on him. We went to her House (that she never lived in but wrote from) and the gallery showing her sketches. The gallery was in the Office that had belonged to her husband. Beatrix was an amazing woman completely home schooled so her education was different to most people. She studied surrounded by the family pets, cats, dogs and rabbits. She was a fantastic artist and some of the sketches she did as a student of trees, insects and fungi where used in text books later.


After she wrote Peter Rabbit no one was interested in it, so she published it herself (thank goodness) and the rest is history. She received an inheritance and with that and the profits from Peter Rabbit purchased the house. Sadly, her fiancé died so she had to remain at home with her parents in London and only visited for holidays. She fell in love with the area and continued to invest in property, she eventually (at 47) married her solicitor and got to move into the area. She encouraged the farmers on her land to branch out into B&B and coffee shops etc. and saved the Hereford sheep from extinction.

The whole village is like walking in her stories she drew so much from the area and her drawings depict it exactly. I enjoyed every minute of my visit.

When she died, she left 14 farms, the office and her house to the National trust ensuring the preservation of the lake district, a truly marvellous woman.

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