What are we doing?

Travels from June 2016 until we return to Sydney

This is a document of our travels. We decided when we retired to travel in Europe and because it is such a long way, we decided to go and return when we got fed up or our money ran out or when we have to return for tax reasons (5- 6 years)


I retired from RACP. I enjoyed work, but the time had come I did not want to work any longer.


We then had Major Kitchen Disaster - Concrete cancer, when preparing to leave the apartment this delayed our packing etc. not I might add our leaving, it just added to the stress..

Eventually packed and left for two weeks in Melbourne, we managed to see almost everyone and had a great time eating and drinking. Thanks to all who joined us and a special thanks to those who had us as house guests. A week in Brisbane which was not long enough to catch up with everyone our profound apologise to those we missed and our thanks to those we saw and stayed with.


Back to Sydney for a couple of nights and by now I am fed up of planes airports and travel

Circular Quay

Manly Beach

The Opera House
How could we leave Sydney?


We stayed two weeks in Melbourne, to say good bye to family and friends. We managed to see almost everyone and had a great time eating and drinking thanks to all who joined us and a special thanks to those who had us as house guests.

My Mum and Dad

Shaun, Morgan,Me , Ross and Ryan

The Jones Pat, Nick, Mike, Kat, Ross, Me and Greg

Exhibition Buildings - Melboure

View from Mount Dandenong Lookout

Melbourne tram

Melbourne tram

Judy and Ross in Judy's Play room


We had fun in Brisbane. We had not been there for many years and I had forgotten what a nice place it is. We Have three sets of friends that we stayed with and all of them made us feel so welcome.

We even managed to get to Mullumbimby for a few days in the country, with the dogs, cats, horses and extraneous wild life

A quiet beer in Brisbane

A Queensland Home - Neil and Jenny's

Ross and Clive - A Yorkshire mating ritual? 

View from Rosins Lookout

Hong Kong

A quick trip back to Sydney to pick up our suitcases a good bye dinner with all our old friends and on the plane to Hong Kong. I cannot believe it we are actually on our way to the big adventure. I am a little nervous this is a big undertaking, will we have enough money, will we kill each other, will we find places to stay, what problems will we have. No point worrying now sit back and enjoy premium economy to Hong Kong


We arrived to find the hotel we always stay at has moved! So picture this - 33 degrees, 80 percent humidity we have 3 suitcases, we are walking and travelling up the escalator (as it is quicker, not cheaper) to get to the hotel – and it is NOT THERE!!! Ross went on a recon. mission and after walking for half an hour he found it.  The hotel had actually moved, the old building was being pulled down so they had just moved!! The hotel was in the wrong direction on the one-way street. Into a taxi - it is too far to walk with suitcases. The taxi (due to the one-way street) takes us back to where we had started our walk and then around to the hotel, still taxis are cheap in HK. Once we recovered we had a very pleasant stay and caught up with a couple of good friends for good food and conversation.

The escalator without suitcases

A temple in Hong Kong

Hong Kong apartments

Kowloon from the Ferry

Hong Kong at night

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