Ireland  April 7th to 12th

7 April 2017 - 12 April 2017

I visited Ireland a few years ago for a friend’s. birthday and promised her (more of a threat really) and myself that I would return. Here we go. Farewell Bracklesham bay Ireland here we come. It was a long drive across the country to the ferry terminal, longer than expected. We had left we thought in lots of time, but just made it. In fact, the queue was moving on to the ferry as we got there. In fact we were one of the last cars on board. The trip across was as flat as a table top, so no test of my ginger taking to stop sea sickness.
Off the ferry in Ireland and guess what the TomTom does not work. It is second hand so I have not been able to up date it and decided it was not worth the effort. I might live to regret that decision. Good thing I have my trusty, calm and patient navigator with me. After one small argument, and one small detour. We find our first B & B in Rosslare. Close to the ferry terminal. I was exhausted so we ate around the corner (in walking distance).and had an early night. The lady running the B & B was lovely and we had quite a chat (surprise, surprise).
The next day we went south to Waterford, we did the tour and even though it was Saturday there was people doing every part of the process. Totally fascinating. The more lead the more brilliant the crystal. They also make crystal on demand and will price your design for free, but the finish product would not be cheap. They had moulds for making something for Justine Timberlake and a few other well know names. We really enjoyed the tour and while I still am not a big fan of the more ornate carved crystal I appreciate it a lot more.  

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