Berlin Continues

Berlin is a very young city, lots of young people, young families and some eccentric people. Getting on a train I saw a man about 30, who had a bomb tattooed on his cheek! Very odd, their are many young girls with full sleeve tattoos and a few goths even in the day.

Barack Obama and Angela Merckel were doing a Q&A at the Brandenburg Gate, we went along for the experience. It started at 11:00. We got to the Brandenburg gate Station at 11:00,, but luckily it went on for quite some time as it took us 45 mins to walk from the Brandenburg gate train station to the other side of the gate where it was all happening and of course we had to be checked before entry so that took a bit of time. Obama obviously spoke in English so we understood his party the rest was in German of course. Angela Merckel must have said some good things as there was quite a bit of applause for many of the things she said. Obama made some very good points especially about education and how the youth of today must not depend on politician’s top get things changed, he mentioned that Martin Luther King was very young when he got things changed as were most of the drivers for change. He said no 70-year old’s had got any changes made to the world I wonder who he meant!!!

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