30. June  2016 - 4 July  2016

The Lake District

Off we go to the Lake district in the rain. We got there at lunch time so wandered down to Lake Windermere for lunch, a pub of course with a lovely view of the lake obscured by rain!! It did stop enough after lunch for us to check out what to do in Windermere. For those of you who have not been there Windermere is not exactly on the lake, Bowness is. Bowness is a pretty village and Windermere is probably more of a town.


We checked into our B&B to a huge room with an imitation 4 poster bed, and a small bathroom (bend down to wash legs and many parts of the body are squashed against the wall so getting back up is difficult). But it was a very friendly place and Paula was extremely helpful.

We met up with Stan, Serena and Trudy (friends from Singapore) after dinner and organised a trip on the lake the next day. There was a Friday special on and for a very low price we got a ticket that allowed us on any of the cruises all day, Bargain, but we had to buy them early - We did it. So off we went sitting on top deck wind in our hair and clouds on the skyline. It is a gorgeous lake especially when it was not drizzling. We got off at Amberside and found a place for Lunch (funny it was a Pub). After a walk around the town we jumped on another boat and went to the furthest part of the lake. This time we had some breaks in the cloud, not quite sunshine but not rain either. Another wander around (another pub) and it was back to Bowness.

The next day we decided to strike out and do some walking, to see some waterfalls. Paula had also said to visit Hawkeshead (jam made here). We got to the first waterfall stop, jumped out of the car in the middle of nowhere and watched all the other people change into heavy walking boots, walking raincoats, rucksacks and walking poles. We were not quite dressed as well but not to be put off we set off, after a while Ross decided to turn back (and check out the Pub) the rest of us continued. The walk was not very varied and Serena and I decided the pub sounded good as it was starting to rain, Stan and Trudy persevered for a while, but joined us slightly wet 20 mins later, we did not see any waterfall. At the next waterfall - it looked a bit easier and the weather had calmed, Ross just went straight to the pub! we were told it was 20 minutes to the water fall. 10 minutes later we got to the iconic look out and the heavens opened. Not being kitted out for walking, never mind rain, we got our small umbrella’s out and returned to the Pub for a drink. We then drove around the lake and arrived in Hawkeshead, gorgeous we wandered in the lanes, and shopped for Jam, Ross and I purchased raincoats. I am not going to get wet again!! The trip back was by car ferry across the lake a great experience.

Weather not too bad
Weather not too bad
Scenery Pretty
Scenery Pretty
The river , water  + hills = waterfa
The river , water + hills = waterfall
Pub in distance
Pub in distance
Off we go
Off we go
Keep on walking it is not raining -
Keep on walking it is not raining - much
Well a bit of rain
Well a bit of rain
The Pub might get out of the rain
The Pub might just go in out of the rain
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Paula suggested that the next day we go to Aira Force where she said there was a nice easy to get to waterfall and the scenery would be interesting and guess what we would pass (not a hope) the highest pub in England. So off we went. We had a great day the scenery was quite amazing with lots of wows and Photo stops. We saw the waterfall, success! and had lunch, you guessed it in the highest Pub in England very nice too.

Magnificent Country
Lake District
Awesome scenery
Great scenery
Awesome scenery
WOW shot
Another Wow
Could be a WOW it's Ross
We found a waterfall
See quite great
It was a great little waterfall
Lake Scene
Frothy even
The bridge over the falls
Serena, Trudy and Stan on Bridge above waterfall
More waterfalls well we did find them.
So you get lots of waterfall shots
With stones even
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