My interesting Collections (I think so anyway)

On our travels we have seen some things that seem to me to fit into collections, a little like our Pub collection. These collections I have put together even though they have been collected at different times and in different areas. I just feel that they make more sense together and if you are interested you can check the collection.

Bears of Berlin

I love these they are all over Berlin and I have been photographing them since my first visit. The bear is the symbol of Berlin and can be seen on many buildings. I just like these friendly looking bears usually advertising the building they are outside. I have my favourites and I am sure you will too.

Elephants of Sheffield

The Sheffield elephants are to raise money for charity. There was an elephant trail that could be followed. We did not have time to do that but we managed to find quite a few of the elephants as we did our sightseeing tour of Sheffield.

Dogs of Newcastle

Newcastle did the same thing as Sheffield but with dogs.

Park Sculptures in Berlin

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