16th May 2018 - 20th May 2018


Well I am slightly ashamed of our sojourn in Wales. We did almost NOTHING.

We arrived in Neyland and found our place a gorgeous view of the river from the lounge dining area, which we were grateful for. We unpacked the car and went to bed with coughs. The coughs were so bad; we slept in separate rooms, not to wake each other. I took myself off to the Dr who was very good. Antibiotics and an X-ray (lungs found all Ok). We were to exhaust, from coughing all night to do much more than a little shopping and watch the boats and ships go by. The weather was great we could sit in the garden (coughing in the sun).

Colin the man next door, who was our landlord had a bar-b-que on evening which we attended. Colin and his son were trying out their new DJ gear, so we had a pleasant night of 60’s music and good food. We meet some of Colin’s friend who were all lovely people.

A few days later Sue arrived, she and I visited Pembroke Castle. Ross was still sick. I loved Pembroke Castle it is a big Castle. Privately owned up until not long ago. It is in trust to the town and the family who owned it. The last owner spent a lot of money on it, so it has been slightly modernised, the windows are no longer arrow slits but have proper windows, looks a little strange but is warmer I am sure. I had forgotten my Phone, so no photos could be taken. 

Local Area and Pembroke Castle

Another day we decided to go to the seaside and Sue and I took off in the direction of a National Trust property on the water’s edge. Without our trusty navigator (Ross) we got lost and ended up in Temby. Temby is a great little town with a town wall still around part of it. It is on the coast, we saw the sea and a National Trust property – a merchant’s cottage.

The merchant’s cottage was very interesting with a small (double) bed upstairs. This was fascinating as guests and the host would all sleep in the one bed, it seems they slept sitting up!! Although it would be a tight fit 6 people could sleep in one bed. Lots of snoring alter the affluent Merchant had wined and dined everyone.


Sue left and apart from a meal with my cousin who I have not seen for 50 years. We did not a lot. For the meal with my cousin we met in a place called Neath, Ross and I did manage to visit the Abbey there which is ruins but it was a beautiful day for walking around ruins. Most of the missing stones have been taken to build houses in the village. This seems to be a reoccurring theme around Europe. I guess the ruins are closer and cheaper than the quarry.

Dorothy and Clive arrived the same day the weather broke. Looking out at the rain a vote was taken to stay inside and watch the soccer and cricket (and have a few drinks). Dorothy and I sneaked off to do some shopping. I got a new jacket, which I do not need but it is gorgeous, a new winter blouse and a formal dress for when I am cruising, the latter I do almost need.

I decided that a trip to Pembroke Castle was in order. Off we all went, and it was closed!! Amazing only closed a few days a year and today was one. We walked around to admire the castle and I dropped my phone, smashing the glass into a few million pieces. Temby seemed like a good option so a trip around Temby scored us some nice views and the boys a beer tasting.

We awoke to another cloudy day but not to be daunted we decided to go to St David’s on of the most beautiful places on the Welsh coast. Everyone had said it was worth a trip. An hour later I had my fog light on and we were travelling slowly though some lovely villages, we think. A nice pub meal in Sty David’s and off to see the sights. We have a few great photos of the four of us in the fog in front of unforgettable vistas’ if we could see them. Good bye to St David’s

The 4 of us did manage to visit a few local pubs for meals and met with Clive’s nephew who looks after the harbour here. Jonathan was very interesting, he is not Welsh but has learnt the language and was regaling us with not only harbour stories but funny Welsh word. Such as the word for Jellyfish in colloquial Welsh “Pysgod wibbly wobbly”!!

After Dot and Clive left. The good weather returned unfortunately it was time to clean and pack and as I had unpacked everything. I had to sort, throw and repack.

We decided we liked what we had seen (or not seen) of Wales so will need to return!!

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