25 th August - 27 th August 2017


We left Norfolk and travelled to my cousin Stephen and his wife Sharon’s new house in Liverpool. It is a lovely house but again we were on the top floor and it was three stories, a great view out over the area. Must say we got greeted with a super curry for dinner.
On our first morning we walked down the hill to the water were there was a food festival, we said we would buy stuff on our way back (but of course did not go back via the festival). Around the corner we watched a guy learn to ride one of those things that pushed air onto the water and supposedly shoots the person into the air. He kept getting into the air but could not balance once up there so ended up in the water. We left him trying and went to the pub!
We went into the ‘Pool, it was a Beatles festival week end, first we went into a Bavarian beer hall. We must have been having German withdrawal symptoms. A couple of buck’s nights and hen’s nights, made the live show hilarious with the things they got them to do. One of the bucks ended up stark naked wandering around the stage, how drunk must he have been!
Then the main event we went to “THE CAVERN CLUB”, it was packed and a queue had formed. Ross insisted so in we went. Hilarious more deja vu, The Beatles imitation band was from Japan and exactly like the one we saw in Japan many years ago. Ross got the Cavern Club cap and is very happy with it and the night out. 
This is the Street
Cavern Club here we come
In the Queue
Nearly there
In the club wooee
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A late morning recovering, we visited the Sir Antony Gormley statues on the beach, they are spread out over many kilometres so are well spaced. One of them was blown over in a big storm a few weeks later which is amazing as they are very heavy.
Another day and we were on the Ferry Cross the Mersey, singing the song and looking at the sights. The hop on, hop off bus would have told us a lot about Liverpool although the accent of the first tour guide was so Liverpuddlian that I had to concentrate to understand her and Ross just gave up. We visited the Catholic Cathedral which was a bit sterile but very beautiful inside. Back on the bus and the accent was a bit better A late lunch on the docks was great sitting in the sun watching the boats, good food, good drinking what more could a person want?
We had stayed an extra day in Liverpool due to the bank holiday week end, so set off on the Tuesday for Devon. It was a long, hard drive, we found a great farm shop at the half way mark and stocked up on essentials like pork pies and bread and milk, etc.
Gormley Statue
Ferry Cross the Mersey
Ross and Clare
Ferry cross the Mersey
Steve and Sharon
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