3rd July 2017 - 6th July 2017

Warsaw - Day 2

I so want an easy day of walking so, we take the train to the Old Town. Well we thought we would. We walked to the station could not find a platform to the place we wanted to go. Out of the station short walk to the other station. No trains there running where we wanted to go. Back to the first place. In information lady told us to go back to the other station. We gave up and caught a tram! Then a bus, minor problem where do we get off the bus? A very nice lady helped us when she saw us looking puzzled at the list of buses. Hooray off we go. When we get off the bus the very nice lady rushes up to me and asks Do I like tea? Wondering if I looked very English I said yes and was shown a web site on the smallest phone in the world!! It showed a tea house I think and the name Same Fuzy, I was told to go there as it was a Polish experience. Ok not sure how we will find it but I told her we would try.

The Old Town has all been rebuilt after the Nazi and then Russian occupations and is lovely. It was a walled town and some of the wall still stands.

At the beginning of the area is St Anne’s Church, an organ recital was about to start. On the baroque organ. I get a ticket and went in (Ross went for a beer). The recital was heavenly and the church amazing so ornate I had forgotten what these baroque churches could look like. 30 Mins later I floated out on my happy cloud and found Ross.

The area appeared to be a little empty so we asked some one if this was usual. No there are normally lots more people only Trump is in town and coming to visit so the security has put a lot of people off. We were surprised not having seen any security. The town has lots of alley ways and curved streets it is a pleasure just to wander. We found the market square and the rain! An Art shop was just the place to hide from the rain which we did and ended up purchasing an etching of the lovely place we had visited the day before. The lane to the town gate led us past a bar with beer taps in the window which got Ross’s attention, what got mine was the name Same Fuzy, the Tea Shop. So, we walked upstairs following the signs. It seems the shop is on three levels, at the top is the coffee shop, on ground level is the beer bar and in the cellar is the Tea Shop. To the cellar we went, Ross wanted to stop on the ground floor (out voted) The cellar was remarkable little tables and a curved roof. The tea menu was inches thick and I eventually settled for a Japanese tea, it came in a metal pot with the most delicate tea cup. Holding the tea cup to the light a woman’s head could be seen in the porcelain. No, I did not break it. Ross ordered a glass of wine which seemed to start a trend with the other men who seemed to be also in the cellar under sufferance. 
After tea, we wandered around a little more taking in the buildings. I went into a souvenir shop with genuine Polish made items all a little expensive especially the very delicate lace and linen. It was also bulky and I have to remember we are travelling and I already have a large bag containing an etching. I could have purchased half the shop.
It was raining again and we decided not to wait to see Trump as no one was sure when he was coming we had been told times between 5:00 to 7:00, it could be a long wait. Off we went to find the train from this end. Instead the rain got harder and we found a restaurant for some great Polish specialties like steak tartar for Ross. We sat watching people and drinking great wine. As the appeared to be no great influx of people for Trump, we asked the waiter for directions to the metro and set off. We did not find it!! We gave up retraced our steps and caught the bus and tram. A good day back to berlin tomorrow.

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