France - Marseille 

We caught the train from Arles to Marseilles with heavy hearts but anticipation. The hotel I had chosen in Marseilles was in a lovely position, but what more can I say. Many flights of stairs to our room, not so easy with 2 suitcases each. They very nicely gave us a bigger room. I would not like to see the small one aas our room was tiny. Anyway suitcases in the room and off to explore. No lunch first in a great seafood place. Then off on the train, they are as good as the Hop on, Hop off and I think I see more. Marseille is quite hilly so I was glad of the train up to the cathedral. Ross gave the cathedral a miss. I walked up the stairs and ventured in. It was breathtaking as usual. 

back on the train to town.

After an overnighter in Marseilles a great city, we caught an extremely early flight out, so early we watched the drunks stagger home as we awaited our taxi. The flight to Bomma in Stockholm and our cruise. So excited.

30th April 2018

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